Workers Health & Safety Centre

Workers learning about critical health and safety documentation tools


If you want to effectively address health and safety issues you need a systematic approach — one that gathers health and safety concerns and tracks efforts to resolve them from start to finish.

Workplace health and safety representatives have considerable legal duties and need solid, documentation practices when inspecting the workplace and investigating injuries, illnesses and fatalities.

Documenting health and safety issues helps:

  • Record worker concerns
  • Support joint health and safety committee (JHSC) or worker health and safety rep recommendations
  • Monitor functioning of the Internal Responsibility System
  • Track compliance with recommendations and legal OHS requirements
  • Provide a history of compliance for health and safety inspectors
  • Raise the profile of, and commitment to, workplace health and safety.

Below you will find useful, interactive health and safety documentation tools. Participants of our Certification Part I training program will learn among other essential knowledge sets and skills, the purpose and importance of documenting workplace health and safety issues. Through interactive activities they will practice using these forms and reports.

WHSC also offers a three-hour training program, Documenting Health and Safety, to help improve these critical documentation skills for others in the workplace. Worker health and safety reps in smaller workplaces for instance would benefit from this program.

Download WHSC H&S documentation tools
Bilateral Work Stoppage Form
Hazard Document Form
Illness Investigation Form
Incident Investigation Form
Inspection Summary Report
Inspection Tracking Form
Recommendation Form
Work Refusal Tracking Form