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Students can apply for health and safety scholarships and bursaries in Ontario


All connected with the Workers Health & Safety Centre are committed to education – education in the workplace and beyond. To this end the WHSC has long offered student scholarships for post-secondary education.
Funds for these scholarships are raised from The Clifford Pilkey Memorial Golf Fundraiser in honour of our late founder and first WHSC President.
This annual scholarship contest aims to raise health and safety awareness among graduating Ontario high school students who are headed for post-secondary education—a segment of the workforce who face excessive and significant occupational hazards leading to work-related injuries and deaths.
Student applicants are asked to write an essay on an occupational health and safety topic, submit a profile outlining their contributions to their school and/or community, as well as a letter of endorsement from an educator or community leader. Students who best demonstrate an understanding in their essay submissions, along with consideration of school and community activism, will be awarded much-needed funds for post-secondary education.
The top applicant will be awarded the Clifford Pilkey, WHSC Founder Memorial Scholarship and receive $5,000. The second-place applicant will be awarded the Fred Upshaw, Champion for Social Justice Memorial Scholarship and receive $3,000. Up to five additional applicants who merit recognition will receive $1,000 each.

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Funding Sources

No portion of government grants from employer WSIB assessments or WHSC revenue generation support these important occupational health and safety awareness initiative. Student scholarships are financed solely through funds raised at our golf tournament and the generous support of member organizations and community partners.