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Compliance coordinator performs a free health and safety training compliance audit


Effective risk reduction strategies always take into account legal liabilities. But researching potential legal obligations can be an onerous task. When it comes to Ontario's occupational health and safety training requirements this is especially true. The province's Occupational Health & Safety Act and its regulations include literally hundreds of references pertaining to the employer's duty to provide training, education and information to workers, supervisors and other workplace parties.

To assist you, the Workers Health & Safety Centre offers a free training compliance audit and written report. The audit consists of a 30-minute consultation. A highly qualified WHSC compliance coordinator will come to your workplace, at your convenience. They will help guide a focused discussion on equipment, work stations, work processes, chemicals and any other potentially hazardous aspects of your workplace.

Identifying critical training gaps

With this information, we will formulate a thorough, customized report detailing the complete training required by law for your workplace. The report will suggest a range of options and solutions including, cost-effective training programs and free information resources for each identified training awareness need. Critical training or awareness gaps will be highlighted with recommendations for expedited action offered.

Again, this service is provided at no cost to your company and places no obligation on you or our company. Findings of this service will remain completely confidential.

How to get started?

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