Workers Health & Safety Centre

Unifor and WHSC join forces to educate students through the Earth Day program


Every April, through a unique Earth Day program, we challenge Ontario students to think outside the box — or at least, outside the blue box

Students, their educators and families alike recognize the value of recycling programs and ‘litterless' lunches. So why not also think about recycling cars, electronic goods and other consumer products that load up already overcrowded landfill sites?

Together with Unifor (formerly the CAW), the WHSC has asked these kinds of questions since 2000. Trained Unifor members talk with students supported by age appropriate learning materials.

Our program learning objectives help ensures participating students have a better understanding of key concepts related to sustainability including:

  • Environmental impacts of climate change, water use and misuse, electronic waste, consumerism
  • Links between environmental impacts and worker and community health
  • Opportunities for young people, their families and schools to examine their own environmental impacts and ways to make more sustainable choices
  • The many ways workplaces and governments can move us to a cleaner, greener economy.

Throughout our program, we emphasize by example, innovations workers, community advocates, environmentalists, enlightened entrepreneurs and governments are taking to make a world of difference for this planet, and all who inhabit it.

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