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Two workers have questions. We offer answers to frequently asked questions about occupational health and safety in Ontario.These frequently asked questions about workplace health and safety are separated into eight topics. And the questions you can access under each topic are by no means an exhaustive list. Should you not find the information you require here or elsewhere on our web site be sure to submit an online inquiry or call or email a training services representative in your region — we will be glad to help. 

Keep in mind as well, information is not a replacement for training. WHSC offers a host of training programs dedicated to assisting all workers, employers, supervisors and workplace representatives to exercise their considerable legal rights and duties related to the provision of safer, healthier work. These programs include training designed to meet many legally mandated training requirements. 

Finally, when it comes to occupational health and safety remember, Ontario workplaces are governed by either provincial laws and regulations or federal laws and regulations. Thus, where appropriate, the following FAQs provide separate responses for provincially-regulated workplaces in Ontario and federally-regulated workplaces.

Please scroll below and click on the appropriate topic, provincial or federal option where applicable and the specific question you’d like answered.

Provincially- Vs. Federally-Regulated Workplaces

Worker Rights and Duties

Employer/Supervisor Duties

Workplace Health & Safety Representation

C-45 (Criminal Negligence Legislation)

Required Training

Occupational Injuries, Disease and Death

Health & Safety Hazards and Controls