Workers Health & Safety Centre

A colourful illustration representing WHSC's vision of identifying, assessing and controlling workplace hazards


The Workers Health & Safety Centre (WHSC) was established to train workers and workplace representatives to confidently and competently carry out their considerable legal rights and responsibilities as provided by occupational health and safety law. Today, the WHSC remains committed to helping all workplaces meet, if not exceed, this law. Through a hazard-based approach and proven delivery model, our training programs support workplaces in their efforts to identify, assess and control, or better yet eliminate, hazardous working conditions that give rise to work-related injury, illness and death.

Vision Statement

We envision safer, healthier workplaces where, supported by WHSC training, hazards are identified and eliminated through meaningful worker participation and full employer responsibility.

Mission Statement

Dedicated to our vision, and using our worker-to-worker delivery model, we will provide the highest quality occupational health and safety training for workers, their representatives and employers in every workplace, regardless of sector, size, location or union status.