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Ontario has begun reopening again. Workplaces though, will need to remain vigilant. Left unchecked, we are told the newest COVID-19 Delta variant could drive a fourth wave.
Vaccinations will be key. But given workplaces are prime sites for transmission of this dreaded virus, ongoing health and safety measures, their implementation and evaluation of effectiveness will be necessary too.
Is your workplace doing all they can do prevent COVID spread in the workplace and ultimately in the community?
Many, including the Ontario government, recognize the essential role workers and health and safety representatives play in answering this question. In fact, health and safety law gives workers the power and obligation to identify hazards, including COVID concerns, and recommend precautionary measures through joint health and safety committees (JHSC), or a worker health and safety representative in smaller workplaces.
Further to this point, is the recognition training goes a long way to ensure health and safety representatives are informed of their powers and fully prepared to exercise their legal right to participate in the resolution of health and safety concerns. In many cases, training is mandatory, including JHSC Certification Training.
To support workplaces seeking to comply with this critical obligation, WHSC continues to add more JHSC Certification Training opportunities over the summer months. This training also continues to be offered in our virtual classroom to ensure the safety of participants and instructors while ensuring the integrity of WHSC training during the COVID crisis.
With these classes filling fast though, we encourage you to register and secure your seat today.

Employer training AND COVID safety obligations

If your workplace employs 20 or more workers or a designated substance is onsite, a JHSC is required. In this case, employers must "carry out" Certification training for at least two members of the JHSC, one worker representative and one management representative. Though, many workplaces elect to train their entire committee to build the in-house human resource capacity to help identify and control all hazards. In smaller workplaces, some employers recognize the utility of this training and ensure health and safety representatives complete it too.

To become certified, JHSC members must first complete JHSC Certification Part I followed by JHSC Certification Part II. Of note, WHSC Part II training includes a comprehensive COVID-19 module exploring key sources of transmission and needed measures to protect workers and limit transmission.
To maintain certification status, JHSC Certification Refresher must then be completed within three years of completing Certification Part II and every three years thereafter.
Certification training programs and those who deliver them must be approved by the Ministry of Labour, Training and Skills Development’s Chief Prevention Officer. WHSC is an approved provider and our programs are also approved. 
Under the Occupational Health and Safety Act, employers also have an obligation to develop a required workplace health and safety policy and program to implement the policy. During these extraordinary times, employers have the added responsibility to develop and implement a mandatory COVID-19 workplace safety plan. Well-trained JHSC members and health and safety representatives can support employers in all their prevention work. In fact, the provincial government confirms JHSC members or worker health and safety representatives should be fully consulted.

Virtual classrooms, safety and convenience

As mentioned above, JHSC Certification Training is offered in our virtual classroom. All that is required by the participant is a high-speed internet connection and a computer with a functioning camera and audio. Please note, to help ensure the integrity of the learning experience mobile devices like smart phones and tablets are not permitted. When registering be sure to supply the participant’s home address, as materials critical to successful participation will be shipped to this address.

Be sure to also visit our online registration page for our complete virtual classroom training schedule and to register. Beyond scheduled classes we can work with you, where participant numbers warrant, to coordinate almost any of our training courses in a virtual classroom.
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