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@WHSCtraining: New look, same trusted source

Substance must always trump style when it comes to essential services such as life-saving occupational health and safety training.

This said, in a world where competition for your attention is fierce, style has its place. Reinventing an organization’s logo and tagline for instance can help better telegraph core values, connect with new and existing audiences on a fundamental level, and inspire confidence in offered services. As our new video explains (see link below) for all these reasons and more, the Workers Health & Safety Centre (WHSC) has set out to refresh our brand.

While our logo still features the same identifiable blue and yellow colours, we have redesigned it to better convey the ultimate aims of our services. These include worker well-being, workplace safety and health, and primary prevention of workplace hazards — the source of work-related disability, disease, and death.

As Ontario’s only government-designated, labour-endorsed health and safety training centre, we thought it important to also maintain “training” in our tagline. However, again, we wanted to express our objectives in more human terms.

WHSC Executive Director, Andrew Mudge explains, “After careful consideration we landed on, ‘Training for What Matters Most.’ Depending on your perspective, the ‘what’ in our new tagline encompasses the often-quoted statement, ‘If you don’t have your health, you don’t have anything.’ On the other hand, for those trying to operate a business, the employer responsibility to take every reasonable precaution to safeguard their workforce is a top priority too. We share these interdependent priorities.

Putting our best foot forward

Regardless, with these changes come a host of others at WHSC. We are engaged in the work of redesigning the look of our resources across our various platforms that include print, digital and web among others. The lighter, brighter look of these resources we hope communicates our optimism and enthusiasm for what in some ways is a new beginning for us.

Out of necessity the last three years has been an isolating experience for many. Although COVID-19 is with us still, significant advances have been made. It is time to reengage in a more meaningful way. As we do, you will meet several new faces among WHSC front line staff. Among our client and constituent organizations, we are sure to meet new faces as well. In this context the timing of our rebrand roll out is no accident. We, of course, are looking to put our best foot forward.

More important, we look forward to building new working relationships. We want to learn more about your specific workplace health and safety priorities and challenges. We hope to discuss the existing WHSC programs and services that will meet your health and safety training and information needs. And if there are gaps between your workplace needs and our resources, then let’s talk about what new resources we can develop together.

View and share our video celebrating the WHSC rebrand.

Thanks for watching and reading. Want to learn more? Visit our website at and/or reach out to any one of our training services representatives nearest you.