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PLEASE NOTE: Given the unprecedented challenges of the COVID-19 crisis, WHSC has recently innovated to offer occupational health and safety training essentials in online live, real-time virtual classrooms. For now, these and our regular online E-Class courses are the only WHSC-scheduled training options available. Although scheduled courses in traditional classrooms are on offer for the fall. To sign up for virtual or regular E-Class online training, see your options below.

Virtual vs. E-Class online training: Online virtual WHSC training is delivered over a secure Zoom platform at specified dates and times. A highly qualified WHSC-trained instructor and all course participants learn together much like our traditional learner-centred training courses. In regular online WHSC E-Class training participants learn mostly at their own pace, any day and any time they chose during a continuous 30-day window. Although to successfully complete the course each participant must complete one real-time scheduled session with an instructor and other learners. Both types of WHSC online training are designed to ensure learning is achieved.

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