Workers Health & Safety Centre

Annual reports document how WHSC delivers quality training and meets strong demand for mandatory programs



Workers Health & Safety Centre has always understood the power of quality training to help create work that is safe and healthy. In 2017/2018 more of our constituents and clients came to realize this too, as the demand for our customized, fee-for-service training nearly doubled over the previous year.
The WHSC 2017/2018 Annual Report entitled, WHSC Training: The Right Thing. The Right Way. also documents how WHSC delivered quality training and met continued strong demand for mandatory programs, including Working at Heights and Certification training. Further, among other achievements, it details WHSC’s efforts to sustain a high level of service by updating and creating new programs, providing additional resources to support instructor development, and renewing social media strategy to more effectively reach constituents, clients, volunteers and the public with trusted training and information services.
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Annual Report Cover Image

The 2017/2018 Annual Report Includes:

  • Board of Directors Listing
  • President's Report
  • Executive Director’s Report
  • Secretary-Treasurer’s Report
  • Auditor’s Report