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Working at heights training. COVID-safe compliance available now.

Working at Heights and WAH Refresher in-person training is available in communities across Ontario in the coming weeks and through the fall.
WHSC has consistently communicated the need to take every reasonable precaution to prevent COVID-19 transmission in our workplaces, communities, AND our own training classrooms.

With safety in mind then, we have recently introduced a proof of vaccine requirement for all participants, instructors and staff entering a WHSC scheduled in-person training course. Presently, we are only scheduling Working at Heights training in-person because hands-on, practical activities are necessary to deliver this life-saving training.

Our requirement is in line with the new Ontario provision necessitating full vaccination and supporting documents to gain access to certain indoor businesses and settings including meeting and event spaces. With the COVID-19 Delta variant circulating and vulnerable populations such as children under 12 unable to be vaccinated, we understand how important it is to do our part to help stop COVID-19. And no one should have to forego the health and safety training they need because they are worried about possible breakthrough infections and bringing the virus home to their loved ones.

So, this fall register for one of our growing schedule of Working at Heights and Working at Heights Refresher training courses. And when you do, know that we are attempting to make your training experience the safest possible. In addition to proof of vaccination, we also require everyone in the classroom to wear a proper fitting mask, covering their nose, mouth and chin, at all times in the classroom. Protocols also include smaller participant numbers to allow physical distancing, screening for symptoms, surface disinfection and frequent hand hygiene.

Employer training obligations

Despite the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, employers must still ensure all construction workers in their employ secure approved Working at Heights (WAHtraining before working at heights and using a fall protection system. Approved WAH training is valid for three years from the date of successful completion. For continued compliance, employers must ensure workers complete an approved WAH Refresher training prior to the expiration of this three-year period and every three years thereafter.

Supporting the need for this proven training, we are offering Working at Heights and WAH Refresher training in communities across Ontario in the coming weeks and through the fall. Space permitting, registration for each class remains open until the day prior to the course date. With these classes filling fast though, we encourage you to register and secure your seat today.

Both WHSC WAH training and WAH Refresher training are:
  • affordably priced,
  • approved by the government’s Chief Prevention Officer,
  • designed to ensure critical learning is achieved,
  • delivered by experienced instructors from the trades, and
  • supported by complete training records and replacement cards when needed.

Securing your vaccination record

If you didn’t keep your original record of vaccination, no worries. You can download documentary proof of your vaccination from the Ontario government website. You will need your Ontario health card to access the information. Along with your documentation, be sure to bring a piece of your government issued photo identification to your training session. You will be asked to present both prior to classroom entry.
Don’t see a training date and location that works for you? 
Contact a WHSC training services representative nearest you. We also work directly with unions and employers to bring Working at Heights training and for that matter any of our training programs to all with an appropriate and safe training facility.
Need quick compliance with other essential and mandatory training?
See the many programs also offered in the coming weeks and months and delivered in our scheduled COVID-safe virtual classrooms.
Need more information still?
Check out our online Working at Heights resources
Regulated working at heights training works and needed: studies

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