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Under Canada Labour Code regulations, employers must provide training for work place committees and health and safety representatives.
Federally-regulated employers, similar to their Ontario counterparts, must provide training to work place health and safety reps to facilitate the worker right to participate.

Under Canada Labour Code regulations, employers must not only provide training for members of policy committees, work place committees and health and safety representatives, but also consult them prior to the development of the training. Just as important, the training program must be reviewed and updated at least every three years and “whenever there is a change of circumstances that may affect the content of the training.”

The COVID pandemic certainly constitutes a ‘change of circumstances’ as some workers transition back to the work place, while others never left. Recent significant changes to Canada Labour Code regulations also expand employer obligations to prevent work place violence and harassment. To implement these, employers will need to work jointly with worker representatives to meet many of these new obligations including developing or identifying training for workers and others.
Not sure if your training program is up-to-date and meets all of these legal obligations? We have you covered. Workers Health & Safety Centre (WHSC) recently updated, Federal Committees and Representatives program is intended to fulfil these legal training obligations and help build health and safety competence and confidence. Most of this training continues to be offered in our virtual classroom to ensure the safety of participants and instructors during the COVID crisis, as well as the integrity of WHSC training itself.

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Building effective committees

Some 19,000 employers under federal jurisdiction employ eight per cent of Canada’s workforce including the federal public service, parliamentary workers and workers in the federally regulated private sector including air, water, rail and interprovincial road transport, uranium and atomic energy, oil and gas pipelines, grain and flour mills, banking, broadcasting, and communications.

These employers must, for each work place directly under their control at which 20 or more employees are normally employed, establish a work place health and safety committee. Policy health and safety committees must be established where an employer has 300 or more employees.
Content for the training of these committees and representatives must minimally include:  
  • the Canada Labour Code and any regulations made under it
  • the means that allow the committee members and the health and safety representatives to fulfill their responsibilities under the Code
  • the rules and procedures of each of the committees; and
  • the principles of consensus building regarding health and safety issues.

WHSC’s Federal Committees and Representatives Program meets and exceeds these requirements. Ensuring your work place health and safety representatives have current knowledge and skills has never been more critical. If you haven’t recently reviewed or updated your work place training program, do not hesitate. Again, register for WHSC training today!
Beyond scheduled classes, and where participant numbers warrant, we can also work with you to coordinate almost any of our training courses, including Federal Committees and Prevention Programs, in a virtual classroom for all workers, workplace representatives and supervisors bringing together learners from across the country — safely and conveniently.
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