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WHSC Certification Part I training, ensured learning now in three days

WHSC Certification Part I training is renamed, updated and now deliverable over three days, all while preserving the integrity of learning.
The Joint Health and Safety Committee (JHSC) Certification Training Program Standard establishes a minimum training duration of three days or 19.5 hours for Certification Part I.  
WHSC Certification Part I training, formerly called Basic Certification training, has been reduced from a four-day, 24-hour program to a three-day, 21.5-hour program. As such, our program still exceeds the minimum standard, but attempts to put us on a more competitive footing.
This move comes in response to our training partners, including labour representatives, who tell us it is increasingly difficult to convince workplace “decision makers” of why they need four days of Certification Part I training, when others are gaining compliance with just three. These same partners though, are also telling us they want continued access to our quality Certification training products.

Training efficiencies

Committed to training quality, we took great care to ensure changes do not sacrifice key learning objectives and still allow instructors time to confirm demonstrated participant learning. Hence, why we decided to extend the learning day for this new three-day version.
Regardless, some time-saving measures were required. To do so, we identified and implemented efficiencies in 11 of the 16 modules. The introduction session, for instance, is revised saving 25 minutes. Much of this was achieved by eliminating aspects of instructor and participant introductions.
The bulk of other efficiencies are gained by altering the way learning is achieved through activities. In many cases, the way worksheets are completed and reviewed is changed. Rather than individual participants or groups answering all questions, each is assigned a portion of a worksheet to expedite the exercise. Each group then shares their answers and insights prompting class discussions that demonstrate learning.  In a few cases, worksheets and roll plays were eliminated altogether with information identified as essential added to the power point presentation.

New and updated tools

In support of JHSC competence and confidence we also took time with this program overhaul to add new resources and updated many already included. Hardly surprising, these additions and revisions also support our hazard-based approach for identifying, assessing and effectively eliminating or controlling hazardous working conditions.
Chief among the tools is an inspection tracking form designed to help ensure hazards are identified and continuously tracked so as to confirm whether or not controls have been applied and if they remain effective (Module 14). Intended as a “living document”, this resource assists JHSC members preparing, conducting and reporting upon workplace inspections.
The existing hazard document resource sheet also underwent changes to better assist with identifying and recording individual hazards, their assessment and what control measures have been implemented or recommended (Module 11). Catalogued together these documents become a one-stop hazard inventory, useful for JHSC members, supervisors, employers and workers. 
This renewed focus on hazard tracking is fully integrated and clarified in relevant training sessions, the most significant being changes to Module 14, Workplace Inspections.
Other course tools added or updated include forms dealing with:
  • Work refusal tracking (Module 5)
  • Bilateral work stoppage (Module 8) 
  • Hazard elimination/recommendation (Module 14)
  • Incident investigation (Module 15)
  • Illness investigation (Module 15). 

Detailed Session Plans were edited to explain the purpose and use of these tools, along with the various efficiencies implemented throughout the program allowing for delivery over three days.
The revamped WHSC Certification Part I training is now available for booking. Of course, before delivery you will want to review the newly revised program and talk to a WHSC Training Services representative in your area.
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Call:    1.888.869.7950 and ask to speak to a Training Services representative
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Note: Although all our community-based, scheduled courses will only offer our three-day Certification Part I training course, many of our training partners have asked us to maintain our four-day program. Now entitled, Certification Part I — Enhanced, this program will be available for in-house delivery. The additional time provides training participants with an opportunity to better digest and demonstrate key learning objectives.