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Secret to our success? Read WHSC's 2019/2020 Annual Report to find out

Cover of WHSC 2019/2020 Annual Report
Why is Workers Health & Safety Centre (WHSC) a trusted source of health and safety information and training for so many? We answer this question in our 2019/2020 Annual Report.

Essentially, our constituency and clients tell us we are trusted because WHSC focuses on the resources, workers, their representatives, supervisors and employers need and want. Workers especially want to know about the issues which directly impact them, their families and their workplaces. More importantly, they want to be part of the solution. That’s where WHSC comes in by developing information and training to help identify and root out the causes of work-related injury and illness—the hazards themselves.

Despite significant challenges in 2019/2020, we were able to advance this important work achieving nearly the same training delivery numbers as the previous year. Many looked to us to again to help them complete legally mandated training including Working at Heights, JHSC Certification and GHS-WHMIS. Many others now rely upon our growing suite of operator equipment competency training.

Still others are looking to address challenging hazards such as occupational stress, workplace violence and harassment and the mental injuries they cause. Our training programs designed to help combat these issues were among some of the more popular hazard training modules.

On the heels of another successful year, we were then able to pivot and quickly respond to one of the greatest workplace health and safety threats in recent memory, namely the virus that causes COVID-19. Our arsenal already included resources on pandemic preparedness along with many documentation tools for joint health and safety committees. We built upon these to develop COVID-specific resources workplaces and essential workers were desperate to receive. Then we populated our website with critical information and started preparing the infrastructure to offer webinars and virtual classroom training.

To learn more about these accomplishments and more, download the 2019/2020 Annual Report.

WHSC's role

In all we do, we put workers first.  After all, it is their lives and livelihoods that are affected most when workplace hazards, including the COVID-19 virus go uncontrolled. Now more than ever, essential to the pursuit of safer, healthier workplaces are properly trained joint health and safety committees (JHSC). For this reason, we have offered JHSC Certification training in safe, virtual classrooms almost since the pandemic’s beginning and will continue to do so throughout this fall and winter.

Workers and especially JHSCs will also want to register for our newly updated COVID-19 training, as it offers critical insights into the latest measures needed for the protection of workers, their families and communities. Equally important during these unprecedented times, this program is also delivered safely in our virtual classroom and priced at a nominal fee. Other essential programs delivered virtually include GHS-WHMIS.

Beyond these scheduled classes we can work with you, where participant numbers warrant, to coordinate virtual classroom training for workers and all workplace representatives using almost any of our courses. Our complete catalogue is available online for your consideration.

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