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Reflecting and rebuilding. Read our Annual Report to learn more.

Strong roots and a commitment to quality training is helping Workers Health & Safety Centre (WHSC) successfully emerge from the pandemic. Our latest Annual Report explains how.

First, we took time last year to consider what has worked well in the past, what needs improvement and how both might help us navigate our way forward. Perhaps the biggest takeaway from the pandemic is this—WHSC virtual classrooms provide a convenient and COVID-safe learning environment while closely approximating the gold standard of in-person training. With our virtual classrooms now well established, we considerably expanded those offerings during 2021/2022. This training option allowed thousands to meet legal training requirements and complete other essential training in pursuit of safer, healthier workplaces.

Though WHSC president, Wayne Samuelson points out another key takeaway in his report, “In fact, almost two-thirds or 63.7 per cent of person hours of training delivered by WHSC during 2021/2022 helped Ontario workers, employers and their representatives meet mandatory training standards set by Ontario’s Chief Prevention Officer. Once again, this demonstrates the power of mandatory and enforceable training standards to ensure quality health and safety training in Ontario workplaces.”

As a result of these factors, we experienced a significant rebound in the number of persons completing our training programs during 2021/2022. This in turn helped set us on a path of greater financial sustainability and allowed us to deliver the products and services so many have come to trust.

During the last year, we also transitioned to new leadership, welcomed a number of new staff and bid farewell to others. For WHSC executive director, Andrew Mudge, taking the time to reflect, reset and rebuild has left WHSC well positioned to move ahead and build upon the perspective and momentum gained in the last two years. As the workplace landscape evolves, so too must WHSC, says Mudge who offers this assurance, “Our deep roots and our strong resolve ensure we steadily pursue our vision and mission. Our commitment to prevention and our promotion of worker well-being grounds everything we do but more importantly, it supports workplaces in creating safer, healthier work. This truly is the key to our success. With great optimism, I look forward to continuing this critical work.”  

To learn more download WHSC's 2021/2022 Annual Report.

WHSC's role

WHSC is Ontario’s only government-designated, labour-endorsed health and safety training centre.

Joining you in the pursuit of safer, healthier workplaces, we can help ensure your joint health and safety committee (JHSC) is properly trained. For this reason, we have offered JHSC Certification training in virtual classrooms since the pandemic began. Now, we are offering a limited number of in-person opportunities for JHSC Part 1 and Part 2 Certification Training. Register today to secure a spot or choose one of our regularly scheduled, real-time, instructor led, virtual training programs.

Working at Heights (WAH) training and WAH Refresher training are also available in an expanded schedule of safe, in-person classes across Ontario communities.

Beyond our scheduled classes, we can work with you, where participant numbers warrant, to coordinate virtual classroom training or in-person training for workers and all workplace representatives using almost any of our courses. Our complete catalogue is available online. Contact a WHSC training services representative in your area to discuss your training options. 

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