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Plan to connect on April 28 for virtual Day of Mourning events

Two mourners hold flowers during a Day of Mourning ceremony in Ontario
Despite the current stay-at-home order, workers and their allies will safely connect this April 28 to remember those who have suffered work-related disability, disease and death.

More than a year into the COVID-19 pandemic though we know mourning is never enough. While observing our National Day of Mourning, workers and their representatives will also recommit to urgently needed prevention action.

Public health measures prohibit us from gathering in person, but local labour councils and their communities are organizing virtual events across Ontario. Some will host real-time virtual meetings; others will post to their website and/or social media platform special recorded messages. A number of details are still being worked out, but those determined are set out in an overall event listing posted to the Workers Health & Safety Centre (WHSC) Day of Mourning web page. We encourage you to join in where you can. As more details come available, we will update this listing. Be sure to check back often.

Promises. Precautions. Persistence.

Also posted to the WHSC website is our flyer for Day of Mourning 2021 entitled, Promises. Precautions. Persistence. In it we revisit the hard lessons of SARS and those learned throughout the current pandemic. Much of what is needed to improve working conditions already exists in law, including employers’ general duty to take every reasonable precaution to protect workers and a meaningful and assured role for workers and their representatives in workplace health and safety matters. Quality training, long-promised mandatory training standards and vigorous enforcement of all health and safety provisions in law are other measures understood as helping to ensure workers are properly protected.
For those attempting to communicate the sheer scope of the work-related injury, illness and death, they will also want to consider the WHSC 2021 statistical update entitled, Reflecting Reality. We need to get beyond simply reciting allowed claims by the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board. For a considerable body of research tells us the toll of worker suffering is much greater.

WHSC support all year round

WHSC offers free, dedicated and regularly updated COVID-19 Resources, including a series of comprehensive fact sheets detailing proper COVID control measures and procedures.
While trusted information is critical, formal training is a key way employers meet their significant legal duties to provide information and instruction and prepare workplace parties for their roles in pursuit of safer, healthier workTo further support joint health and safety committees, worker health and safety reps, workers, supervisors and employers during the pandemic, WHSC offers essential training in virtual classrooms. Training includes:
For WHSC virtual classroom training, all that is required is a high-speed internet connection and a computer with a functioning camera and audio. So equipped, participants learn from a WHSC-qualified instructor alongside other remote learners in real-time, interactive sessions — sessions conducted from the safety of their home or workplace. Please note, to help ensure the integrity of the learning experience mobile devices like smartphones and tablets are not permitted.

Don’t see what you need? Beyond scheduled classes, and where participant numbers warrant, we can work with you to coordinate almost any of our training courses in a virtual classroom for all workers, workplace representatives and supervisors. Be sure to contact a WHSC Training Services representative near you.

WHSC docs for downloading and sharing

2021 Day of Mourning flyerPromises. Precautions. Persistence.
2021 Day of Mourning statistical updateReflecting reality
2021 Day of Mourning Ontario event listing.

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