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New WHSC Labour Day video explores lessons of 2020


The future, even the very near future, is filled with many questions each tinged with hope but also fear. For workers on the frontlines of Ontario’s reopening much is at stake.

On the eve of Labour Day 2020 Workers Health & Safety Centre (WHSC), Executive Director, Dave Killham takes stock of our collective COVID-19 journey and the hard lessons we have learned together over the last six months.

In his Labour Day message captured here on video, Killham observes, “Today, we have fought back the first wave of COVID-19, but this was only made possible because we understood the peril before us all. And to defeat it, all of us, not just some of us, had to do our part.
“My sincere hope for this Labour Day is this experience is the beginning of a new groundswell in social capital, where we once again understand we can do so much more working together than individually,” adds Killham.
This Labour Day Killham also encourages us to participate in virtual events celebrating the day or to at least stop and consider “what workers have achieved working together and what more we can achieve.”
Killham wraps up his message communicating WHSC roots as a trusted health and safety training source and the many ways we have been working throughout the COVID-19 crisis to support workers, their health and safety representatives, unions, employers and all workplace parties in efforts to safeguard workers lives and livelihoods.
“While COVID has changed much, this much has not changed. We are here for you,” Killham concludes.
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