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Supervisors have these and many other significant legal duties. In Ontario, along with basic health and safety awareness training, supervisors must complete knowledge and competency-based training specific to the workplace. When Ministry of Labour, Immigration, Training and Skills Development inspectors enter the workplace they will ask supervisors some tough questions. If responses fail to satisfy legal requirements both the supervisor and the employer may be subject to orders and possible fines.

Workers Health & Safety Centre (WHSC) has the training you need. Our recently updated Supervisor Health and Safety Training course is designed to build competency and help supervisors understand and fulfill all their legal duties and responsibilities, including the consequences of noncompliance.

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Training for competence & compliance

Under Ontario’s Occupational Health & Safety Act employers must appoint a competent person as supervisor. A competent person is:
  • qualified because of knowledge, training and experience to organize the work and its performance,
  • familiar with the Act and Regulations that apply to the work, and
  • knowledgeable about any potential or actual danger to health or safety in the workplace.

Supervisors must complete basic awareness training within one week of performing work as a supervisor. WHSC’s comprehensive one-day program offers an engaging learning experience whether participants register for training in a virtual or an in-person class. Using proven adult education techniques participants will learn about the Internal Responsibility System, due diligence, the rights and duties of joint health and safety committees (JHSC) and health and safety representatives. This program also emphasizes supervisors’ legal role in work refusals, government health and safety workplace inspections, and JHSC or health and safety representative’s inspections and investigations. The program further reviews relevant case law and provisions of the Criminal Code to give participants a clear understanding of their duties under this federal statute.

Recent revisions enhance content and add learning activities to support reading and understanding health and safety legislation and building knowledge of the rights, functions and duties of JHSCs, workplace exposures and time-weighted averages, and legal references related to work refusals.


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