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Mandatory supervisor OHS training this summer!

With the increasing number of new and young workers joining the workforce this summer competent supervisors are critical. They are key to safe and healthy work.

A considerable body of research tells us new and young workers are particularly vulnerable to occupational injuries, illnesses and fatalities because of their lack of safety education, training and orientation and the misconception among other things that injury may be part of the job. Research and experience though, has also found supervisor supportespecially for vulnerable workers, can make all the difference – a factor Ontario health and safety law recognizes.

Employers and the supervisors they hire are legally responsible for among other things providing safe work, identifying and addressing potential job hazards and facilitating training for workers to do their jobs safely, this includes new workers, summer hires and other seasonal contract workers. Quality training is a necessary first step not only for workers, but the supervisors employed to help safeguard them.

Training to safeguard all workers

Workers Health & Safety Centre (WHSC) is Ontario’s only government designated occupational health and safety (OHS) training centre, providing a one-day program to help employers and supervisors meet and exceed all legal OHS training requirements and build competency. Our program is designed to:
  • help supervisors understand and fulfill their legal duties and responsibilities, including the consequences of noncompliance
  • provide learning about the Internal Responsibility System (IRS), the concept of due diligence and the rights and functions of all workplace parties, including joint health and safety committees (JHSCs) and worker health and safety representatives (HSR)
  • draw attention to the supervisor's role in work refusals, Ministry of Labour workplace inspections and JHSC or HSR inspections and investigations –governed by the OHS Act.
  • use relevant case law and provisions of the Criminal Code to give participants a clear understanding of their duties under this federal statute.

Did you know, under Ontario’s OHS Act and Regulations, employers must ensure supervisors complete basic occupational health and safety awareness training in addition to knowledge and competency-based training specific to the workplace?

Register online today for our one-day program to ensure your workplace is compliant and your supervisors are competent. Registrations close two weeks prior to course start dates.
WHERE: Online, virtual classroom
WHEN: Friday, July 29 | 9:00AM - 4:30PM
Thursday, August 4 | 9:00AM - 4:30PM
COST: $89.00
REGISTER: Supervisor Health & Safety Training – Virtual

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