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Labour Day 2021: Let's work for a Safe September and beyond


“The future of work will need work, plain and simple,” says Interim WHSC Executive Director, Andrew Mudge in a new video released to mark this coming Labour Day.
In the near future this work will look much like it has for the last year and more. “Faced with a fourth wave fueled by the Delta variant, COVID-19 precautions will still understandably and necessarily preoccupy us,” says Mudge in his opening video remarks.

“Beyond this September and the months that follow, the answer to what work looks like though must take on broader considerations,” Mudge adds. He goes on to enumerate
  • those in need of “fair and equitable access to a living wage and meaningful work that leaves their bodies and dignity intact”
  • measures to address climate change and at the same time worker and community health
  • the absolute priority of safeguarding worker mental health, and
  • measures to promote uptake of quality health and safety education, including the expansion of mandatory training standards.

On behalf of the Workers Health & Safety Centre (WHSC) Mudge also commits to doing our part “providing the health and safety training and information services you need to help secure worker lives and worker well-being.”

He concludes by encouraging participation in 2021 Labour Day events and in the work of creating a ‘A Safe September, and beyond.’

“This Labour Day let’s take stock of our collective accomplishments and the workplace ills in need of addressing, but then let’s get on with the job of doing something about them,” says Mudge.

To learn more, please watch and share the following.
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