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JHSC Certification Refresher Training…on schedule for compliance

Need to ensure members of your joint health and safety committee (JHSC) maintain certified member status? Workers Health & Safety Centre (WHSC) can help.
WHSC has scheduled Certification Refresher training courses in communities across Ontario on both Friday, November 8 and Friday, December 6. Be sure to register soon as these programs fill fast.
Need to communicate with others in your workplace about these training opportunities? Be sure to download and share this handy brochure detailing Certification Refresher locations and dates.

Certification: the process

Most workplaces employing 20 or more workers, or using a designated substance must have a JHSC. Ontario’s Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA) also requires employers to ensure the certification of at least two JHSC members, one representing workers and one management.
To become fully certified, a JHSC member must complete Certification Part I and Workplace-Specific Hazard Certification Training (Part II) approved by the Ministry of Labour’s Chief Prevention Officer. These programs must be delivered by an approved provider and be completed within six months of each other.
For JHSC members who became certified after March, 2016, Certification Refresher training is required by Ontario health and safety law. Certification Refresher training must also be approved by the Ministry of Labour’s Chief Prevention Officer and taken within three years of initial certification for continued compliance (and ever three years thereafter). Like all our Certification training programs, WHSC has secured approval for our Certification Refresher program.
Beyond the letter of the law, representatives in many workplaces recognize the vital role Certified members and indeed all JHSC members play in their occupational health and safety prevention efforts. To this end, many train their entire JHSC and with greater frequency than the law requires. For a well-trained, up-to-date, health and safety representative is an effective representative. In these instances, workplaces often contract WHSC to bring training in-house, thus providing them maximum flexibility as to where and when the training takes place. 
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