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Are your supervisors properly trained? WHSC offers virtual classes.

Supervisor health and safety training is offered in virtual classes.
Employers have the greatest responsibility for workplace health and safety. Most critical? Ensuring their supervisors are competent and complete mandatory training.

Like their employers, supervisors have significant legal duties including taking every precaution reasonable to protect workers. More specifically supervisors must not only know about potential and existing hazards, but they must advise workers about these and further ensure workers have all protective devises, measures and procedures required by law.
To help carry out these critical duties, employers must ensure their supervisors, within one week of performing work as a supervisor, complete basic occupational health and safety awareness training in addition to knowledge and competency-based training specific to the workplace.

WHSC has scheduled training in virtual classrooms to help workplaces meet this mandatory supervisor awareness training obligation. This one-day program is intended to help supervisors understand and fulfill all of their legal duties and the consequences of non-compliance. Key content focuses on the Internal Responsibility System, the concept of due diligence and the rights and functions of the joint health and safety committee (JHSC). Attention is paid to the supervisor's role in work refusals, government health and safety inspections and other legally required workplace inspections and investigations. The program also reviews case law related to workplace criminal negligence provisions under the Criminal Code.

WHSC virtual classrooms. Assuring compliance and competence.

REGISTER: Supervisor Health & Safety Training - Virtual
WHEN: Nov 1, 2021 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Nov 17, 2021 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
COST: $89.00

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Meeting all employer training obligations.

In addition to fulfilling the employers’ supervisor awareness training obligation, WHSC Supervisor Health & Safety Training program further helps employers to meet more extensive supervisor “competency” obligations. This obligation mandates employers to appoint competent supervisors [Occupational Health & Safety Act (the Act) section 25(2)(c)].
A competent person is defined as someone who: 
  • is qualified because of knowledge, training and experience to organize work and its performance,
  • is familiar with the Act and the regulations that apply to the work, and
  • has knowledge of any potential or actual danger to health or safety in the workplace [section 1(1), the Act].
Additionally, does your JHSC function with competence and confidence? Is your JHSC also fully trained as required by law? WHSC also offers regularly scheduled JHSC Certification Training as well as our recently updated Federal Committees and Representatives program. All of these programs are available in our virtual classrooms.

Don’t see what you need? Beyond scheduled classes, and where participant numbers warrant, we can work with you to coordinate almost any of our training courses in a virtual classroom for all workers, workplace representatives and supervisors.

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