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WHSC webinar Thurs, Apr 30 to explore COVID-19 and criminal negligence

One worker killed and another in a medically induced comma as a result of COVID-19 exposures in an Alberta meat packing plant – this after weeks of calls for better precautions.
In response Gil McGowan, President, Alberta Federation of Labour (AFL) is demanding among other steps, the government open a criminal investigation of the circumstances that resulted in the meat packing worker death.
But what is the law that supports such an investigation? And what has been the outcome of other similar investigations? This will be the subject of the next in a series of COVID-19 webinars hosted by the Workers Health & Safety Centre.

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COVID-19 and workplace criminal negligence
Thursday, April 30, 2020, 11:00 am - 11:30 am
Webinar participants can ask questions and provide survey feedback. Webinar space is also limited to Ontario residents only.

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Details of the Alberta tragedy

The meat packing worker who died is reported as being in her 60s. The other, gravely ill worker is reported as being in his 50s. Their names have not been released.
As early as April 1st, one news outlet reported union demands for employers to increase the space between each employee’s work area at the Alberta meat packing plant, even if line speeds drop. “We’re calling on all these employers to look themselves in the mirror and say no matter what happens we did everything we could to keep food on the table and everyone safe,” said Thomas Hesse, president of United Food & Commercial Workers (UFCW) Union Local 401, with 32,000 members in Alberta, mostly in food processing and retailing.
Health and safety inspections at the plant were conducted by smart phone concluding the meat packing plant was safe to remain open, days after dozens of COVID-19 cases were confirmed.
As of yesterday, another news outlet reported a total of 1,084 cases of COVID-19 linked to the meat-packing plant and 710 workers testing positive for COVID-19. Those cases we are told represent nearly a quarter of all cases in Alberta.
Thomas Hesse is now repeating his demands for better measures to safeguard members of his union, including immediate closures of workplaces that experience COVID-19 outbreaks, much needed social (physical) distancing measures and “unannounced daily spot checks” by health and safety inspections.
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