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WHSC 2019 Day of Mourning event listing now online. Plan to attend.

The annual toll of worker injury, illness and death should be incentive enough to ensure work is both safe and healthy. Apparently it’s not.

Every April 28, a National Day of Mourning, thousands gather and mourn those workers injured, made ill or killed on the job because of uncontrolled workplace hazards. On this day and every day, Workers Health & Safety Centre supports those who insist upon safe and healthy work.

WHSC is again helping to promote Day of Mourning (DOM) events in communities across Ontario. This year’s campaign message is a reminder to prioritize primary prevention. Alongside those fighting for fair compensation, advocates know prevention also involves: enforcing existing laws that workers and their representatives fought for, laws which hold employers accountable for protecting workers on the job; quality training which focuses on controlling workplace hazards, not worker behaviours; and sufficient resources to achieve all of this. As Ontario’s government-designated health and safety training centre, WHSC proudly offers the quality training and valued resources so many have come to trust.

A National Day of Mourning was first recognized by the Canadian Labour Congress in 1984 to raise awareness of worker injury, illness and death. More than 100 countries now observe a Day of Mourning.
Learn more about the National Day of Mourning on the WHSC dedicated web page. From there you can download and share WHSC’s 2019 Day of Mourning brochure. Want to attend a DOM event in your community? There you will find a 2019 event listing too. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Check back with us. We will update the event listing as new information becomes available.

Also, learn how WHSC’s training and information resources can support your workplace prevention efforts throughout the year. Contact WHSC and ask to speak with a training services representative.

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