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Propane blast injures four workers – prompts investigation

An explosion in the parking lot of a Mississauga industrial plaza sent four workers to hospital early yesterday morning.
The blast occurred in a shipping container used to store equipment by a roofing company. Reports suggest five roofing company employees were on the scene arriving for work. Video shows the explosion occurring as a worker began to open the container door. Police reported a propane tank was the source of the blast.
Three of the workers suffered serious, but non-life-threatening burn-related injuries. The fourth victim suffered minor injuries.
The Ministry of Labour, along with fire and police departments are investigating the incident. 

Mandatory propane training

“Propane handling, storage and use on the job is regulated for a reason. We are talking about an extremely flammable gas,” observes Dave Killham, Executive Director, Workers Health & Safety Centre (WHSC). “Quality worker training must be an essential part of any propane control program.”
Anyone handling propane or operating propane-fueled equipment must complete safety training authorized by the Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA) and have in their possession an official record of training (ROT). The ROT certificate is valid for three years from date of issue.
In addition, others at work sites where propane is used or stored should be aware of the safety and health risks.
WHSC offers several propane training programs (see propane under onsite courses) including awareness and competency-based training on propane handling, storage and use. The WHSC’s program for construction heater operators (Propane for CH-02 ROT) meets TSSA accreditation standards.

New employer WHMIS obligations

Further, the Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System, commonly known as WHMIS, also regulates the use, storage, handling and disposal of propane in the workplace (among other hazardous materials). Recent changes to federal WHMIS-related law, and supporting provincial and territorial regulation, has altered this workplace hazardous product communication system, aligning it with a globally-harmonized system and prompting new employer obligations, including worker training.
WHSC’s Globally-Harmonized WHMIS Training is a comprehensive, cost-effective option for employers seeking to meet this training obligation as well. Like all WHSC programs, this program applies adult learning principles to ensure learning is achieved – an important consideration given Ontario law requires WHMIS training results in workers being able to use the information to protect their health and safety [s. 7(3), WHMIS Reg.].

More WHSC training opportunities

WHSC can also assist workplaces in meeting many additional training obligations ranging from Working at Heights and JHSC Certification to general Worker Awareness. For details, please review the WHSC training catalogue.

Don’t see the training you need or unsure of your workplace training obligations? Call us at 1‑888‑869‑7950 and ask to speak to a WHSC Training Services representative.