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Ontario employers must soon comply with new GHS WHMIS requirements

Canada’s Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System, known as WHMIS, is undergoing significant changes. So too are related employer obligations, including training. 
To assist employers seeking to get ahead of the impending December 1, 2018 deadline for complying with new training obligations, the Workers Health & Safety Centre (WHSC) has scheduled Globally-Harmonized WHMIS training in communities across Ontario for June 11. Be sure to register soon as classes fill up fast.

New employer obligations

WHMIS is designed to provide employers, supervisors and workers with health and safety information about hazardous products used, stored, handled or disposed of in the workplace. Changes to federal WHMIS-related law, and supporting provincial and territorial regulation, has changed and standardized, on a global scale, this workplace hazardous product communication system.
Employers must complete transition from original WHMIS to Globally-harmonized (GHS) WHMIS by December 1, 2018. To achieve this, they are required to ensure hazardous products in the workplace meet new product labeling requirements and that new safety data sheets (replacing MSDSs) are readily available to workers and members of joint health and safety committees or worker representatives.  

Employers must also ensure workers exposed or who may be exposed to a hazardous product participate in general and workplace-specific GHS WHMIS training [s. 42(1), OHSA and s. 6, WHMIS Reg.].

WHSC training supports compliance and competence

WHSC’s Globally-Harmonized WHMIS training is a comprehensive, cost-effective option for employers seeking to meet the general training obligation.  
Like all WHSC programs, this program applies adult learning principles to ensure learning is achieved. And this is important for employers as Ontario law requires that WHMIS training results in workers being able to use the information to protect their health and safety [s. 7(3), WHMIS Reg.].
Further still, the WHMIS Regulation also requires employers to provide workplace-specific training to workers, including product-specific procedures for the safe use, storage, handling and disposal of a hazardous product and what to do in case of an emergency situation. WHSC can help with this too.
Unsure about your WHMIS training obligations or want further clarification about the transition to GHS WHMIS? Don’t see a course in your community and/or want to investigate bringing training onsite?

Call:    1-888-869-7950 and ask to speak to a training service representative