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Globally-Harmonized WHMIS E-CLASS


Workplaces in Ontario and other jurisdictions across Canada have begun to transition from original WHMIS to Globally-Harmonized (GHS) WHMIS. They must finish this transition no later than December, 2018.

The purpose of GHS is to standardize information about hazardous products and how it is communicated to workers on a global scale. This includes new hazard classes, pictograms, labels and safety data sheets.  During the transition from original WHMIS to GHS-Harmonized WHMIS, employers must train workers in both systems and ensure they can apply the information to their everyday work. GHS WHMIS can become the sole focus of worker training only when all products with the original WHMIS labels and MSDSs are no longer used in the workplace.  

To help workplaces seeking to comply with new training obligations, the Workers Health & Safety Centre (WHSC) has developed an e-learning program entitled, Globally-Harmonized WHMIS. Intended for workers, supervisors, managers and others previously trained in the original WHMIS, this highly interactive program offers a comparative overview of original WHMIS and GHS WHMIS requirements.  

Like all WHSC programs, this e-class applies adult learning principles to ensure learning is engaging, relevant and achieved.

E-class access keys can be activated any time after purchase. Once activated, by entering the course, you have unlimited e-class access for 30 days.

Upon successful completion of the online module, related activities and a 30-minute, real-time session with an instructor and other participants, WHSC issues a certificate of training and maintains student records for any future requirement.

NOTE: WHSC offers in-class GHS WHMIS training in both English and French. To learn more, call 1-888-869-7950 and ask to speak to a WHSC Training Services representative. Also, to fully comply with Globally-Harmonized WHMIS requirements, employers will need to develop and implement a workplace-specific education and training program, including safe work procedures. WHSC can help with this too.

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