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Working during the COVID-19 pandemic? Concerned about worker health and safety?

Health and safety law says employers must take every reasonable precaution to protect workers. But what precautions are reasonable? Just as important, what precautions are effective and follow the latest Public Health directives?

This page is dedicated to answering these questions. It is a work in progress.

We start by posting some information applicable to most workplaces. Each day we are adding new resources, including information about applicable safeguards in particular work settings. As updated, work-related information comes available from researchers and health authorities we will make every effort to update our resources accordingly.

WHSC Docs for Sharing

A Workplace Pandemic Plan Checklist
Safeguards for Workers Confronting COVID-19
Workers' Rights Resources
Gloves at Work: Safeguards for Workers Confronting COVID-19?
Respiratory and Eye Protection at Work: Safeguards for Workers Confronting COVID-19?
Cleaners and Janitors: Confronting COVID-19
Cleaning and Disinfecting: Confronting COVID-19
Laundering Work Wear: Confronting COVID-19
Evaluating Disinfectants for Use Against the COVID-19 Virus
Construction Workers Confronting COVID-19
Food Preparation and Delivery Workers Confronting COVID-19
Public Transit Workers Confronting COVID-19
Retail Food, Drug and Beverage Workers Confronting COVID-19
Vehicle (Truck) Drivers Confronting COVID-19

Other Occupation-Specific Safeguards for Workers Confronting COVID-19 (In development)

WHSC COVID-19 Post Webinar Resources

Effective Cleaning and Disinfecting in Non-Health Care Workplaces (PowerPoint)
Understanding the Worker Right to Refuse Unsafe and Unhealthy Work (PowerPoint)
Implementing the precautionary principle and hierarchy of hazard controls (Powerpoint)
Working in Construction During the Pandemic (PowerPoint)
Ergonomic Tips for Temporary Home Offices During COVID-19 (PowerPoint)

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Other COVID-19 & Related Resources

Ontario Government
Government of Canada
U.S. National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences
World Health Organization
World Health Organization (Advice on Masks)

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